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Family Updates (English)

Transitioning to in-person learning

On Tuesday, October 27, the Board of Education was informed that MPS will move to “Phase 3: Hybrid Learning with In-Person and In-School Supports” on a school-by-school basis and only for those students who need the most academic and other supports. Students who may be identified for in-person learning at school may include those with special needs, English learners, students experiencing homelessness, and those struggling academically.

Students who will be recommended to participate in Phase 3 supports will be identified by their teachers and other school staff in the coming weeks. No student will be forced to do in-person learning; students may continue with distance learning, if they prefer.

This transition will start during the second quarter, which begins on November 9. Phase 3 will continue through at least the end of the second quarter on January 28, 2021, if safety indicators allow.

During Phase 3, Community Education will also transition to provide youth and adult enrichment programs indoors while practicing proper social distancing and other health and safety protocols.

Phase 3 allows MPS to serve those most in need in a safe, controlled manner, while reducing the risk of infection across the district. As MPS has said since the beginning of the pandemic, we will only move toward greater in-person learning as it is safe to do so. Decisions will be based on the advice of local and state health experts and the various indicators featured on the MPS COVID Dashboard.