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Family Updates (English)

2020.11.9: | Family Update: 5 Phases to Safe Learning

As you know, MPS has maintained one of the most cautious stances in keeping staff and students safe from COVID-19 by remaining in distance learning. While we have been pleased to offer Add-On Supports after-school to some students during Phase 2, the recent significant rise in COVID rates requires that we move the dial back, pausing those Add-On supports in order to ensure the safety of those staff and students.

This data-driven decision was made in consultation with our COVID Regional Support Team, which includes colleagues from the City of Minneapolis Health Department and the Minnesota Department of Health. The number of positive COVID-19 cases has risen so dramatically over the last few weeks that in Minneapolis we have reached the threshold of over 50 positive cases per 10,000.

In addition to after-school Add-On-Supports, after-school Community Education services will also be temporarily discontinued.

We sincerely hope to have these programs up and running again when the number of positive cases both go well below 50 and stabilize at least 28 days. We are in daily communication with our COVID Regional Support Team and will continue to rely on their data and expertise on infectious diseases.

MPS will continue to operate in Phase 2 with Essential School-Age Care, Community Provider Supports and essential staff in buildings, which includes principals, school secretaries, custodians and security monitors -- but with no in-person after-school supports for students.

MPS is also reviewing Governor Walz's most recent Executive Order 20-94 as it relates to our continued service to students, and will be further discussing our 5 Phases to Safe Learning at tomorrow's (November 10, 2020) Board of Education meeting. Please feel free to livestream that meeting.