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Family Updates (English)

2021.3.12: Grades 6-12 in-person learning reduced from 5 days/week

MPS Families:

We are pleased to be able to soon offer in-person learning to MPS students in Grades 6-12 and Transition Plus and are writing to inform you that in-person learning now will be available for a maximum of four days a week for Grades 6-12 instead of the original five days noted in previous communications. (Elementary schools will continue in-person learning five days each week unless otherwise noted in the MPS calendar.)

The revision to four days a week is due to information received from the State of Minnesota about the amount of time that must be set aside each week for teachers to plan their lessons. The only way for MPS to honor this time requirement is to designate time each week specifically for teacher planning and preparation

Additionally, in secondary schools where high numbers of students indicated preference for a return to the classroom, in-person learning will only be available on a rotating schedule in order to ensure required social distancing.

So beginning on dates in March and April that will be communicated to students and families by their schools, MPS students in Grades 6-12 and Transition Plus who have registered will attend school in-person in one of two hybrid formats:

  • Four days a week (with Wednesdays as distance learning at home), or:
  • In an alternating group rotation between in-person (two days a week) and distance learning (three days a week, including Wednesdays as distance learning at home)

On Wednesdays, students will have a distance learning day.

Families will hear from their schools during the week of March 15 about their school’s schedule. In particular, families should watch for specific information on:

  • What date(s) students in each grade should return in person based on a school's four-day or rotating schedule, and on what days they will attend
  • What date(s) students in each grade should begin distance learning
  • What days all students will have off to support the transition.

If you did not respond to the original registration request, your school is planning on welcoming your student in person. If you would now like to register your student for distance learning, contact your school.

If you do not hear from your school by the end of next week, please contact your principal or Associate Superintendent. We look forward to safely welcoming students back into our schools.