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Family Updates (English)

2021.4.2: COVID-19 Quarantine Reminder; Food Box Changes; Spring Break Activities

14-Day Student Quarantine Reminder

Quarantining means keeping physically separate from others. If you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, you should quarantine for 14 days. People with COVID-19 can infect others before they start to feel sick or may never have any symptoms of having COVID-19. This is why it’s important to quarantine as it provides time to see if you have gotten COVID-19.

By staying away from others, you can help protect them and slow the spread of the virus. While there are times when the quarantine time can be shorter, MPS will continue to require all students to quarantine the full 14 days. This timeframe is based on the advice of the Minneapolis Health Department and other health experts. Health experts also recommend that people in quarantine get tested 5-7 days after coming into contact with some with COVID-19; however, a negative test does not shorten the quarantine time.

Important Food Box Changes

Starting Monday, March 29, food boxes will contain 5 days of breakfasts and lunches. This change to from seven to five days worth of food will reflect the meals that in-person students have access to in school.

Starting April 5, snack boxes will return! Families will be able to pick-up free snack boxes, containing 7 days of snacks, alongside their food boxes. Snack boxes will pair protein-rich foods, like hummus and yogurt, with fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains for hearty, balanced snacks. 

We are committed to ensuring that all youth (18 and under) have access to nutritious food. Food and snack boxes will continue to be free and all families are welcome to participate. No registration is required and youth do not need to be enrolled in MPS to receive food and snack boxes.

Expect the unexpected with Metro Transit busing to high schools 

Metro Transit is doing everything it can to keep riders safe. Please help in-person learning students plan ahead when riding the bus to school in April. (Download a flyer with this information.)

Here’s what to expect:
  • Masks on everyone (including students) and more space between passengers. 
  • Buses that may drive past waiting passengers. Buses will be operating at 50% capacity to allow social distancing. 
    • You may see “Next Bus” on the header of the bus, meaning “wait for the next bus.”
    • There may be multiple buses at the SAME time following each other, because of the need to maintain lower capacity. 
    • Drivers are NOT singling people out when they pass waiting people; they are restricted due to COVID ridership.
    • There may be multiple buses at the SAME time following each other, because of the need to carry fewer passengers.
    • Thankfully, there are fewer commuters since many people are still working from home as was encouraged by the governor.
  • Consider a dry-run before the first day back. Students should have Plans A, B, and C for getting school, including different routes, times or drivers, if necessary. 
  • Look for buses with OPEN DOORS in the FRONT of the line at the school; students should enter those buses first.
  • Trips may take longer. Students should stop into the school office if their buses make them late. Principals know this is possible.  

Drivers and other riders may be anxious about their health and safety. Please be patient and stay safe

Call the phone number on your Go To Cards for with questions: 612.373.3333 (option 3).

Student activities and family resources over Spring Break, April 5-9 

The week of Spring Break is from Monday, April 5 until Friday the 9th. If you want to keep your student active during this week, check out these community activities

6th Grade Hangout on Tue., April 6 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Calling all 6th graders for a day on Google Meet designed by, and exclusively for, 6th grade students! On Tuesday, April 6, come for two, three or five hours and move freely between breakout rooms filled with fun activities, games and social opportunities. We’ll even make lunch together and give you all the ingredients! Participants will receive a supply kit with the option to pick up or get the kits delivered. To sign up visit or call 612.668.3939; the event is available on a sliding-free scale: $15/$30/$45/$0.