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Family Updates (English)

2021.6.10: Year-end reflections and gratitude

Dear Minneapolis Public Schools Families: 

As we look to the end of this year of ups and downs, challenges and unknowns, I want to begin by applauding your resilience and thanking you for not wavering in your commitment to your child’s school and to MPS.

No roadmap existed for addressing and coping with the uncertainty of great national unrest and racial injustice in the midst of a pandemic. Yet together we tried to focus on students and do what we thought was best both for their health and safety and for their learning. I am grateful that so many families prioritized not just what would work best for their students, but collectively what was right for all our students.

I do know that this week is significant for many students and families, beside it being the end of the formal school year. I know that for many of you this week signals the end of a chapter at your current school and a shift in focus to planning for a new school, new teachers and principals and new relationships. I’m sure there are a lot of mixed emotions.

As the state has begun to loosen guidelines for schools, we hope you might consider some of the many in-person learning opportunities that are available this summer. Not only will students receive academic and social and emotional enrichment, but we hope being able to connect with peers and teachers in-person will reignite for some excitement about learning.

By next week we will publish guidance about masks and social distancing during summer programs, but in the meantime, please consider signing your students up for some of the exciting options available beginning later this month. Please use the information on this webpage to find resources for yourself and your family over the summer – or sign up for some dynamic summer programming right here.

Lastly, I would encourage you that if you are reading this message and you do not know which school your student will be attending when classes begin on Sept. 8th, please reach out to us so we can help get your child enrolled or registered in a school that works for them. It’s not too late! Just call our Student Placement Center at 612-668-1840 and they will help you complete the process. 

I know it can be difficult to think about next year when this school year is just wrapping up but we want to make sure your students have the best start possible when we return in September.

Thank you for staying with MPS throughout the 5 Phases of Learning we implemented this year. With your help I think we can look back and be proud of what we were able to accomplish together for our students.

Be well.

Ed Graff