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5 Phases to Safe Learning


MPS has outlined five phases for easing back into in-person learning over time. When school s in September, MPS will be under Phase 2: Distance Learning with Student supports; see image above. 

Phase 1 provides distance learning only with no access to school buildings. With Phase 2, all learning is done through distance learning, but students will be provided with supports such as tutoring, technology and mental health at certain school buildings. 

With Phases 3 to 5, students will begin to attend school buildings again to increasing degrees and with the appropriate health and safety practices in place on buses and in classrooms, cafeterias, gyms, athletic fields, playgrounds and other school spaces. 

More information on how schools and learning will function under each of these phases will be provided as MPS enters each phase.

Timing: Back-up framework based on health and safety conditions in community

  •  All instruction and student supports provided through online platform
  • Better technology access; adaptive technology for students receiving special education services
  • More rigor, higher expectations, more structure to everyday learning; more consistent teacher interactions
  • Essential family supports such as food distribution at school sites and limited child care provided to qualifying groups
  • Online mental health support

Timing: September 2020 and possibly later (Supports may begin in August)

  • Distance learning continues as base instructional model
  • Targeted support provided at school buildings such as tutoring, technology, mental health and others to be determined
  • Some student supports will be available at all schools and others only at certain schools

Timing: October 2020 if possible

  • Earliest transition back to targeted in-person learning
  • Majority of learning continues online along with targeted student supports provided in person at schools to provide academic and social/emotional skills
  • Some teachers and support staff work in schools to provide students with targeted academic and social and emotional supports
  • Students prioritized such as Special Education, English Language Learners, Homeless/Highly Mobile

Timing: To be determined

  • Schools reopen on limited basis with combination of grade-level rotations and prioritizes students needing special education services.
  • Grade rotations may have K-3 (or K-5) on rotating schedule with students attending schools 2 days a week and doing distance learning on alternate days; one day a week the building will be empty for thorough sanitizing.
  • Focus on small class sizes, social distancing, disinfecting surfaces and equipment.
  • Bus transportation (for eligible students) and nutrition available with social distance (50% capacity).
  • Grades 4-12 (or 6-12) continue in distance learning all days. 

Timing: To be determined

  • Return to in-person instruction in schools for all students
  • Regular transportation services
  • Regular nutrition services
  • Regular Minneapolis Kids before/after school care