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We want to welcome you back into our schools!

MPS continues to plan for a return to in-person learning per Governor Walz's update to his Safe Learning plan. As part of that planning, we need to know if your child will return to in-person learning or remain in distance learning for the remainder of the school year. This is your family's choice.

In-person learning for Grades PreK- 5 will be phased in over the month of February:

  • Grades PreK-K: In-person begins Feb. 8
  • Grades 1-2: In-person begins Feb. 10
  • Grades 3-5: In-person begins Feb. 22
  • Grades 6-12: Remain in distance learning

Please complete the 2020-21 In-Person/Distance Learning Registration Form for EACH OF YOUR STUDENTS in grades PreK-5 by Jan. 22, indicating your choice of in-person or distance learning for each child. If you need assistance completing this form , please contact your school or our district communication center at 612.668.0000.

As noted above, students in grades 6-12 will continue in distance learning for the foreseeable future. This form only needs to be completed for students in grades PreK-5.

If you do not complete the form, your student(s) will automatically be placed in in-person learning and receive communication accordingly with dates and next steps.

An extensive FAQ is available along with health and safety information on how MPS will be keeping students and staff safe.

NOTE: February 1-5: PK-5 students do not have school to allow staff to get ready to welcome students back into buildings; students in grades 6-12 will continue with distance learning during Feb. 1-5.

What safety protocols will be in place?

MPS has done everything possible to implement and require proper health and safety protocols in our schools and buildings -- from requiring face coverings, meeting social distancing requirements, updating air filters, plans for reducing unnecessary interactions between students and staff, lunchtime and bus time strategies to support health and safety. You’ll read more while filling out this registration form.

Have you talked to health experts?

We are in constant communication with state and city health and education experts, as well as local and national colleagues. As of this writing, indications are that infection rates are steadily declining in Minneapolis.

Is my decision final?

You can change your mind at any time. Understand that moving from in-person to distance learning can happen immediately. Moving from distance learning to in-person after this registration period could take two weeks to ensure transportation and meals.

What if I don’t complete the form by the deadline?

Your student will be registered for in-person learning and should hear next steps directly from your school.

NOTE: On January 12, 2021, the Board of Education received this overview of how MPS will safety return students to classrooms for those PK-5 families who decide to have their student return to in-person learning.

In-person Learning Video

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